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Jurassic World filming at the Honolulu Zoo
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 28 March 2014 at 10:37AM - 5 Comments

According to the Hawaii Film & Video Magazine, Jurassic World's first filming location will be the Honolulu Zoo. While the article states how tight-lipped the production is, it does go into minor details about the new park we'll be seeing, as well as stating that the film will shoot exteriors in San Diego, CA.


In Twitter news, Colin Trevorrow confirmed Jake Johnson's involvement with the film, Frank Marshall denied Katy Perry's involvement with Indiana Jones 5, and Ty Simpkins confirmed his character name is 'Gray'.

Stay tuned for more news on Jurassic World! Thanks to Oviraptor for the find.

Source: Hawaii Film & Video Magazine

Jake Johnson Confirmed for Jurassic World!
Posted by Jack DLM - Wednesday 26 March 2014 at 05:33PM - 4 Comments

ImageAfter rumours have been circulating for months, Jake Johnson has finally confirmed his involvement with the upcoming Jurassic World! In an interview with the Huffington Post, the Safety Not Guaranteed actor discussed his love for the franchise:

Did you get involved with "Jurassic World" because of Colin Trevorrow, who directed you in "Safety Not Guaranteed"?
Absolutely. Now, I'm also a huge fan of "Jurassic Park." When I was growing up and "Jurassic Park" came out, I freaked out like every other kid. I was born in '78, so I was like, 12. If it wasn't Colin and someone said they wanted me in "Jurassic Park," I would jump on it. The fact that it's Colin, written by Derek Connolly (who wrote "Safety Not Guaranteed") and both those guys are personal friends, I'd go through a wall.

It will be great to see Jake Johnson in the film and to see him working again with Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly.

What do you think of the current cast list? Let us know in the comments section below! Thanks to Brian for sending us the news!

UPDATE: Jake Johnson has further confirmed his involvement with the film via an interview today with Vulture:

So you’re in Jurassic World.
I haven’t shot it yet. I shoot at the end of July.

If you get to interact with dinosaurs, which one do you want?
Probably the T. Rex, but what I’m really excited about is the director, Colin Trevorrow, directed me in Safety Not Guaranteed. And the writer of that movie [Derek Connolly] did a rewrite on Jurassic World. That movie we did for, I think it was $600,000 up in Seattle, a 20-day shoot. I loved it. So to do that and now be doing Jurassic World together, it just feels like a fun jump.

He further confirms that he's playing the "tech guy" and that he's "the guy in the booth". Read the rest of the interview here!

Source: Huffington Post

Jurassic World Teaser Shown at CinemaCon
Posted by Sandy - Tuesday 25 March 2014 at 06:53PM - 4 Comments

ImageAt Universal's CinemaCon panel this morning, a teaser for Jurassic World was shown to the crowd. Steve W. from Collider tweeted the following:

"JURASSIC WORLD tease was a lot of CGI and voice over. No real footage. Just reminding people of the world and what's coming"

It's not the most detailed description but at least it's something. No word on whether or not the teaser will make its way online, but it's still exciting to hear about a Jurassic World teaser after years of waiting.

Stay tuned as we'll update the article if more details of the teaser emerge.

[UPDATE] IGN desrcibes the teaser as follows:

"The studio showed a very basic CG-animated title teaser for Jurassic World that was simply a camera moving through the jungle with words over the screen as soundbites of John Hammond's dialogue from the earlier Jurassic Park movies is played. The teaser was just meant for the exhibition execs in attendance to let them know the movie is coming out summer 2015."

So it seems as though this teaser is similar to the Jurassic Park 3 teaser. The video has not yet made its way online.

Source: Steve W, IGN

Concept Art for Jurassic World
Posted by Jack DLM - Saturday 22 March 2014 at 04:37PM - 20 Comments

We now have our first glance at what Jurassic World will look like! Christian Nickel found what appears to be concept art for the upcoming film, drawn by illustrator Nathan Schroeder who is currently attached to the project. He has worked on films such as The Avengers, Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean and many more.

The first image, as seen below (click to enlarge) shows the island of Kauai with a huge resort and a visitors center. It also shows a monorail running around the island.


The image was posted on Nathan Schroeder's official website, along with a second image. Both images are dated 2013, so we can assume they were uploaded when Jurassic Park 4 went through the hiatus not so long ago.

It's important to note that the script went through re-writes during the hiatus, so this concept art might be out-dated compared to what we will actually see on screen.

What do you think of the images? Is this what you were hoping for with Jurassic World? Let us know in the comments section below, and thank you to Christian for finding these images.

Roll on 2015!

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