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Frank Marshall talks Jurassic World leaks
Posted by Jack DLM - Saturday 10 January 2015 at 02:59PM - 4 Comments

ImageIn an interview with Collider, producer Frank Marshall spoke about his upcoming slate, including a potential Goonies sequel, the Bourne franchise, Indiana Jones 5 and of course, Jurassic World.

While talking about how there isn't a script for The Goonies 2, and how they won't just make the film to please the fans, the topic of Jurassic World came up.

Is that why it took some time to get to Jurassic World?
MARSHALL:  That’s one of the reasons, yeah.  It was about story.

Jurassic fans will be very aware of how long it took to get Jurassic Park 4 into production. For the past 12 or so years, the movie has been teased in and out of development while the producers and specifically Steven Spielberg tried to find the perfect story.

And people expect so much more now.
MARSHALL:  Oh, they do!  I believe that the audience wants to discover the movie in the movie theater.  I don’t care what you say, with all of the leaks, I think it’s a spoiler.  You want to see Star Wars like you saw Star Wars the first time when you had no idea, or Back to the Future or Goonies or Bourne.  You don’t want to know what’s coming.

I think this is an interesting point - Jurassic World is the first film in the franchise that's being made in an incredibly social society, where everybody has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... leaks are bound to happen, not just from people who have worked on the film, but from those who have stumbled upon sets or information.

It's a shame that even though now we have a full high-definition trailer available to us, with heaps of information from the official website and the Masrani website, leaks are still happening. We've always strived to bring you the latest information and news on the film and while we've shared potential spoilery material before, we've never shared anything that would ruin the story and/or experience for an audience member, and we never plan to.

Jurassic Park was one of those films because you saved the big reveal of the dinosaur for the movie, but that was such a technological breakthrough.  Is there another breakthrough you can make on the fourth film?
MARSHALL:  Not technologically.  You’re right, everybody has seen a dinosaur now, so it can’t be about that.  We have to have a good story.

Be sure to read the full interview here. Thanks to JPLegacy for the tip. In related news, the British Board of Film Classification has approved a Jurassic World trailer "for use on any Packaged Media format (including DVD, Blu-ray and VHS)." This suggests that it is not a new trailer, but a cut of the original trailer intended for future Universal Blu-Rays and DVDs. We'll be sure to keep you informed on any new trailer information!

Source: Collider, BBFC

Masrani Global Update: Vic Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio) - Head of Security Operations for InGen
Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Friday 09 January 2015 at 03:10PM - 8 Comments

ImageViral website MasraniGlobal.com updated today and provided some interesting new story hints, the biggest of which is that InGen is a world leader in the private security division. While this division is employed in Jurassic World, it is not limited to it. Read the update below:

"January 2015: InGen receives funding boost from Masrani Global

CEO Simon Masrani has announced a boost of $225 million over the next three years to subsidiary InGen. Funds are allocated to further support InGen's private security division, which has become a world leader specializing in peacekeeping, drone operation and contingency services. "Jurassic World is a global destination, and that comes with a certain set of risks" says Vic Hoskins — Head of Security Operations for InGen. "Our job here on Nublar is to work with Asset Containment and park staff to ensure a safe environment for the millions of people who visit every year." According to Mr. Hoskins, the increase in funding will drive research as the company continues to develop more advanced security measures."

Previously we here had learned that Vincent D’Onofrio played a character named Hoskins, though we were unsure on his role in the film. We now know that Vic Hoskins is Head of Security Operations for InGen, and not the CFO as initially reported when the casting announcement was made. That initial casting report said D’Onofrio plays a seedy and sleazy businessman who shields himself via the guise of a family man, but time will tell if that description still stands.

What do you think the implications of InGens private security division are? Sound off in our comments, and drop by the forum! As always, stay tuned for the latest on everything ‘Jurassic’.

Jurassic World and Mercedes partnership detailed; first look at all new GLE Coupé
Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Thursday 08 January 2015 at 10:53PM - 4 Comments

The Jurassic Park franchise is no stranger to Mercedes‑Benz, previously teaming up for The Lost World, and now again for Jurassic World. These high-class and high-style vehicles aren't just for show though - they are more than capable off-road, which is absolutely necessary on a tropical, dinosaur-infested island.

Today Mercedes and Universal have partnered to bring our first look at the movies all new 2016 GLE 450 AMG Sport, which will hit markets this summer, alongside Jurassic World. Take a look at the stunning vehicle on set in the photos below:

Frank Marshall & Colin Trevorrow

“We are delighted to have been able to support this epic action-adventure with our vehicles,” said Dr. Jens Thiemer, Head of Marketing Communications for Mercedes-Benz Cars. “Our wide range of SUVs in particular fit perfectly with Jurassic World’s various requirements, with the focus on our new trendsetter, the GLE Coupé.”

Some have suggested this vehicle seems too flashy for a park like Jurassic World, but rest assured, this isn't the 'tour vehicle'. Rather, this seems to Claire's (Bryce Dallas Howard) personal car, further supporting her position of power and importance at the park itself. While that vehicle seems unique to her character, with other park staff driving Merecedes G-Wagens and Sprinter Passenger Vans. Also appearing is the impressive Mercedes 6x6, a behemoth of vehicle driven by the parks Asset Containment Unit security.  

Image  Image

“Unveiling the new GLE Coupé in Jurassic World was a natural fit as we continue our relationship with Mercedes,” said producer Frank Marshall. “Audiences will find that the vehicles featured in the film lend themselves perfectly as the transportation of choice in the fully functioning international theme park we have created at Jurassic World.”

As one would imagine, high levels of security and secrecy were followed to stop the vehicles from leaking, especially as the 2016 Coupé was only just unveiled in December. With this diverse lineup of vehicles Jurassic World is all but certain to have high-stakes chase scenes, with many dino-thrills.

Are you happy with the transportation of Jurassic World? Sound off in our comments or forum, and be sure to stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: emercedesbenz

Kicking off the 2015 with a look at Jurassic World Kellogs Fruit Snacks!
Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Wednesday 31 December 2014 at 11:20PM - 10 Comments

Happy New Year Jurassic fans! 2015 is a special year for all of us as it is the release of Jurassic World, the long awaited fourth Jurassic Park installment! It's been 22 years since the first Jurassic Park, and 14 years since Jurassic Park 3! As such, 2015 decided to start off with a bang- Jurassic World Kellogs Fruit Snacks have begun to appear in stores (Win-Co for $1.98)! Thanks to Instagram user legend_goji14 we have our first look:


Click to enlarge

As you can see, the original Jurassic Park T-Rex is the star of the box, sharing the spotlight with Owens Raptor pack on the individual snack bags! This is probably just the beginning of a heavy marketing push, so hold on to your butts and start saving your money. Jurassic World is just around the corner, and I know I cannot wait! As always, stay tuned for all the latest on everything 'Jurassic'!

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