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Access All Areas: Empire's behind the scenes look at Jurassic World
Posted by Jack DLM - Monday 08 June 2015 at 11:36PM - 16 Comments

While Jurassic World was filming in New Orleans last summer, Empire Magazine's Nick de Semlyen got to visit the set along with a few other journalists and interviewed those who brought this franchise back - Colin Trevorrow, Frank Marshall, Pat Crowley, and a handful of others.


The Empire magazine special can be read about here, but today, Empire released even more from the interviews that Nick got, giving us an even deeper look into the history of Jurassic World as it is today, and just some of the reasons why the story developed the way it did.

Here are just some tid bits:

Pat Crowley (producer): In early 2012, we had a script (by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver) for Jurassic Park 4, as it was then known, and we were looking for a director. I talked to Colin on the phone and was really impressed. I told Steven, “We should meet him in person.”

Trevorrow: They gave me the current draft of the script to read. And I instantly knew I couldn’t make that movie. I went back to them saying, “I’m so honoured, but if I’m going to do this we really need to build a different movie. I’ll bring in my writing partner Derek and do it quickly and efficiently. But please give us the opportunity to do that before this relationship ends.”

Trevorrow: There was a tremendous amount of potential in it being a functional park. The other idea that had been developed already was a character who has a relationship with the raptors. In earlier versions of the script he was out there with them in the jungle, hunting down drug lords. I couldn’t go there. But I could make a movie about the very tenuous relationship between a man and a vicious animal. Those guys who run around with lions on Animal Planet fascinate me.

B.D. Wong (Henry Wu): I didn’t take Jurassic Park that seriously when I did it 22 years ago. To be honest, I was quite disappointed that this complex and interesting role from the book did not translate at all to the movie. I have a friend, Nathan, who is a big fan of the franchise, who over the years kept saying, “You’ll see– it’ll come back to you…” He had all these fan-fiction ideas about how it would happen. And it happened!

Phil Tippett (dinosaur consultant): I was dinosaur supervisor on the first movie. All the fans say I did a terrible job because the dinosaurs got loose, so they demoted me. My job this time was to throw out ideas and try to make the big sequences better. I helped Colin work out the actions some of the creatures could do.

Robinson: Our big, epic running scenes, where we’re being chased by dinosaurs, were in Oahu. We actually went to the ranch where the original was filmed. It was beautiful.

Marshall: One of the restaurants on Main Street is called Winston’s, after Stan Winston. I was there when the set was going up and showed Steven Spielberg a picture. He got really emotional. There’s a lot of heart and loyalty and family in this movie.

McIntosh: The last Jurassic Park film was in 2001. Now it’s 2015, which is like a lifetime in visual effects. We had parkour athletes performing the raptors on set, whose work is combined with that of animators.

Giacchino: The first conversation I had with Colin was about where we wanted to use the John Williams theme. We both desperately wanted to hear that in the theatre. From then on, Colin was saying, “Now it’s our movie and we can go where we want.”

It's a fantastic read and gives us a good insight into the production of the film and how Colin came on board. If they had not hired Colin, this movie would be significantly different. Make sure you read the entire article here - I'm really hoping we get a detailed 14 year history for this film at some point!

JoBlo is reporting that during the opening weekend, IMAX screenings of Jurassic World will open with six minutes of footage from Marvel's Ant-Man...

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Jurassic World is going to be IMAX's biggest ever worldwide release. The film is headed to over 800 IMAX screens across the world, with 445 international screens starting on June 11th and an additional 364 screens when the movie opens in America on June 12th.

And to top this news off, a new TV spot was released today which features titled '4 Days' - check it out here. And a new clip featuring Owen and his Raptor Squad was also released. It features new footage so be warned.

Tomorrow is the official world premiere in LA for Jurassic World and we will be live streaming the event using Periscope, a Twitter app. Follow our Twitter for all the information!

Source: Empire Magazine, JoBlo, THR

Team Jurassic Giveaway #2: Win a Backpack, T-Shirt, Hat and Keychain!
Posted by Jack DLM - Monday 08 June 2015 at 06:17PM - 239 Comments

As you may have seen, we recently joined up with Universal Pictures for #TeamJurassic, a campaign set to celebrate the upcoming release of Jurassic World on June 12th (or June 11th if you're in the UK!). Last week we ran a giveaway so that you could win a couple of prizes provided by Universal Pictures, and today we begin the second giveaway!


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To win these prizes, you will need to follow the instructions that are listed below, as well as answer the simple questions at the bottom of this post.

Ensure that you follow these instructions clearly so that you are eligable for the giveaway! Those who have entered will be considered for the prize draw on June 10th!

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All you have to do is follow the instructions above, answer the questions in the comments section below, and you have been entered into the second #TeamJurassic prize pack giveaway! The winner will be chosen on June 10th.

Check out this brand new featurette that has just been release, which features a look at Jack Horner's work on Jurassic World.

Don't forget, Jurassic World opens on June 12th in Theaters, RealD 3D, and IMAX 3D! Get your tickets today!

Steven Spielberg returns to executive produce the long-awaited next installment of his groundbreaking Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World.  Colin Trevorrow directs the epic action-adventure based on characters created by Michael Crichton.  The screenplay is by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Derek Connolly & Trevorrow, and the story is by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver.  Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley join the team as producers.

Good luck and thanks to those who enter! Huge thanks to Universal Pictures for inviting us to #TeamJurassic and for providing the gifts for these two giveaways! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for news and information.

Velociraptors are on the loose in Jurassic Waterloo!
Posted by Jack DLM - Monday 08 June 2015 at 09:58AM - 9 Comments

Over the weekend, Universal Pictures UK have been hard at work trying to wrangle four adult Velociraptors into London's Waterloo station, and it looks like it all went to plan!

Image Image Image

According to commuters and fans stopping to take photos in #JurassicWaterloo, the Velociraptors are making sounds and generally have made their presence known. Along with the Raptors, there are trained handlers and even a Jurassic Giftshop which is selling copies of the trilogy on DVD/Blu-Ray but also some exclusive Jurassic World treats.

Image Image

If you're lucky enough to be in London right now then definitely go and check this out in London Waterloo station and share your photos with us on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments section below!

This is a really great piece of marketing and it's nice to see something like this reach the other side of the pond! Now if only I was in London...

News Roundup: Amazing new trailer, Simon Masrani talks Indominus Rex, Jimmy Fallon talks his role, Ty & Nick on Today Show, and possible sequel direction!
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 05 June 2015 at 04:41PM - 14 Comments

Phew! Writing the article title alone was a challenge, let alone the whole article! The past week has seen the marketing for Jurassic World pick up at a dramatic speed, leaving the chance for the audience to actually miss a piece of news. In this post I'm going to round up the recent news!

Firstly, last night a new teaser trailer for the film was released on the Universal Pictures Latino Twitter, which is potentially the best trailer that we have seen so far. It's pretty chilling, watch below:

I'm really digging the haunting music in this trailer, as well as that sequence of the Indominus Rex hatching out of her egg. Super creepy.

The Masrani Global website was recently updated with a new blog by CEO Simon Masrani. He talks about his excitement to see what the scientists at Jurassic World have been cooking up - the latest attraction, the Indominus Rex. In keeping with the film's narrative, Simon Masrani talks about his upcoming arrival at Jurassic World, and that he hopes to meet some of the guests while there.


On June 3rd, Bryce Dallas Howard was a guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, and opened the discussion about Jimmy Fallon's cameo in Jurassic World. While they do not go into detail about the cameo itself, Jimmy has nothing but praise for the movie!

"It's just the best idea, I just love it. I was a fan of Jurassic Park obviously, but this thing is like... every kid in the world is going to love this movie. I just think the idea is great, I think the actors are perfect, the director... it's just phenomenal!"

They talk about the petting zoo scene, and Bryce reveals that her son is in the scene - the kid that hugs the dinosaur! Check the interview out here:

Also on June 3rd, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson were on the Today Show to talk about their roles in the upcoming film. They talk about their chemistry on set and how they almost instantly became really good friends. In the interview, Nick Robinson talks about the practical sets that they had, claiming that all of the sets we see in the film were built from the ground up. While the dinosaurs are of course CGI, it's a testament to the world of practical effects that Jurassic World did not rely on much greenscreen work.

And finally, talks of a possible Jurassic World sequel are beginning to surface, with the director himself talking about a possible director for Jurassic World 2. In an interview with Radio Times, Colin Trevorrow compares the sequel to the Apple vs Microsoft tech race.

"It would be like the way we have relationships with animals on this planet right now - there are animals that are kept in zoos, like Jurassic Park, but they are also used in agriculture, and medicine and in war. We are the Alpha now and we dominate all of the other animals. But when you throw in animals that were the Alpha on this planet for far longer than we’ve ever existed in with us… I don’t really know who’s in charge there."

Unfortunately, he also stated in the interview that he has no planes to return to the franchise in a directing capacity, but he has created the opportunity for a new director to take this franchise where it needs to go - off the islands.

That's it for now - I'm sure there will be plenty more of these roundup posts next week at the rate news is pouring out! How excited are you for Jurassic World? With only six days to go, how are you coping? Follow our Twitter and Facebook for round the clock Jurassic news!

Source: Twitter, Masrani Global, The Tonight Show, The Today Show, Radio Times

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