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Exclusive First Look at 2016 Hasbro Jurassic World Dino Hybrid toys!
Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Saturday 02 January 2016 at 10:08PM - 12 Comments

We’re starting the New Year right, with an exclusive first look at the 2016 Hasbro Jurassic World Hybrids toys! We first caught wind of the ‘Dino Hybrid’ range back in July, when Universal took out a trademark for the phrase. Soon after, toy listings were discovered in the Toys R Us inventory system with items slated for future release. Now, we finally have our first look at the range below!


Pictured is the Jurassic World Hybrid Tyrannosaurus Rex, Hasbro item # B6524, MSRP $19.99 - while it is a retool of the 2015 Jurassic World Chomping Rex, it now features a detailed paint application, electronics and a ‘spike reveal’ alongside the original chomping jaw feature.

We also have pictures of a new 2016 Playskool Heroes Jurassic World Dino Rumble Pack, Hasbro item # B8409!


Also retailing at $19.99, this playset is quite nice although it only contains repaints of the 2015 items.

Here are the other ‘Dino Hybrid’ toys, learned from Toys R Us inventory listings:

  •  Jurassic World Alpha Cycle and Hybrid Raptor Pack  UPC 63050946452
  • Jurassic World Hybrid Raptor 1 B8635 Growler  UPC 63050946453
  • Jurassic World Hybrid Pteraminus Growler UPC 630509476404
  • Jurassic World Hybrid Dilophosaurus Growler UPC 630509476411
  • Jurassic World Hybrid Armor Ankylosaurus B8629 Basher Biter UPC 63050945936
  • Jurassic World Hybrid Armor Indominus Rex B8628 Basher Biter UPC 63050945937
  • Jurassic World Hybrid SpinoRaptor B8633 Basher Biter UPC 63050946348
  • Jurassic World Hybrid Stegoceratops B8632 Basher Biter UPC 63050946349
  • Jurassic World Hybrid CarnoRaptor B8631 Basher Biter UPC 63050946350
  • Jurassic World Hybrid Dilophosaurus Rex B8630 Basher Biter UPC 63050946449
  • Jurassic World Hybrid Tyrannosaurus Basher Biter UPC 630509471614

While the release date for these items has yet to be revealed formally, it is likely the pictured dinosaurs will be out soon with the whole range releasing sometime this Spring. It is worth noting that a lot of these dinosaurs already exist in the Ludia Jurassic World game, and it is possible the toys will feature some sort of tie-in.

Are you excited for the new Jurassic World toys? Be sure to sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for all the latest news on everything Jurassic! Happy New Year!

Frank Marshall Congratulates Star Wars Team on Box Office Win!
Posted by Jack DLM - Monday 21 December 2015 at 07:12PM - 2 Comments

Similarly to how Kevin Feige congratulated the Jurassic World team on breaking the worldwide box office opening weekend record, producer of Jurassic World Frank Marshall has now tweeted a congratulatory graphic to the Star Wars team (wife and head of LucasFilm Kathleen Kennedy, director JJ Abrams and Disney). Click the preview below to see the full image!


While the full numbers have not been reported, and as of 19:26pm GMT on 21/12/15, Box Office Mojo still has Jurassic World in first place with a total of $524.9 million, and The Force Awakens is sitting in second place at $517 million. 

However, multiple reputable movie websites have confirmed that Star Wars has flown past Jurassic World ever so slightly, reaching a total worldwide debut of $528 million. It should also be noted that Star Wars has not opened in China, meaning it missed a large international audience for the opening weekend.

Both Jurassic World and Star Wars are this year's tentpole movies and were always expected to dominate the domestic and international box office. Both films have broken multiple records and it was expected that the films would compete for the number one slot. Star Wars does have a larger audience - or more, fandom - than Jurassic Park does, and while a lot of the attraction for both films was nostalgia, it was only natural that Star Wars would overtake Jurassic World.

The real worldwide box office figures will arrive once Star Wars: The Force Awakens has opened in China on January 9th. Do you think Star Wars will be able to beat Avatar and Titanic and claim its victory at the top of the highest grossing movies of all time?

If you saw The Force Awakens this weekend, what did you think? Did you prefer it to Jurassic World? How do you think both sequels honoured what came before them? As always, let us know in the comments section below and give us a Tweet or follow our Facebook page for more Jurassic goodness!

Source: Box Office Mojo, Variety

Chronicle Collectibles Debut 1:5 The Lost World T-Rex!
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 18 December 2015 at 04:48PM - 1 Comments

Collectible company Chronicle Collectibles has debuted a brand new and official T-Rex head bust from The Lost World: Jurassic Park! The item has been cast from an original Stan Winston Studios mold and comes mounted on a logo backdrop.


The announcement comes after Chronicle announced their ownership of the Jurassic Franchise license on June 11th 2015. The announcement summarised how the company can produce figures, dinosaurs and props for all four of the Jurassic films.

Here are some more photos of the bust from Chronicle's T-Rex announcement:

Image Image Image Image

The T-Rex will be available to pre-order before Christmas with further information coming this week. With promise of more items to come, it's refreshing to see a genuine accurate collectible on the market for fans and collectors alike. We are told that it will have a limited run and we're estimating that it will be around the $650 mark.

Be sure to check out Chronicle Collectibles' website which details their current products and a section dedicating to finding a distributor near you. Listen out for the next episode of our podcast too, where we'll be speaking with the Art Director for Chronicle Collectibles, Paul Francis!

We'd also like to wish a Merry Christmas to all of our followers and fellow fans out there! Check out this fantastic Jurassic Park Christmas light show to get you in the festive/Jurassic spirit. We have some exciting things coming in the new year!

'Jurassic is No. 1. Remember that.' Frank Marshall jokes with George Lucas at Star Wars Premiere
Posted by Jack DLM - Tuesday 15 December 2015 at 06:42PM - 4 Comments

Last night marked the official World Premiere for the upcoming and long-awaited entry into the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens. Many celebrities, filmmakers and actors attended the premiere and many discussed other projects on the red carpet, although conversation tended to stick mainly to the film at hand.


Jurassic World producer and husband to LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy, jokingly grabbed George Lucas on the red carpet to say "You're not going to beat my movie, are you? Jurassic is No. 1. Remember that."

George Lucas replied with: "The job is they have to crush you like a bug." before the two embraced and walked out of shot. Check out the clip below which starts at 45:52.

Jurassic World broke records with its $208.8 million opening at the domestic box office, while The Force Awakens is expected to open to anywhere between $185 - $220 million domestically, with many believing it stands a strong chance of crushing Jurassic's record.

When December 18th rolls around, we'll know for sure. Will you be going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens this Friday? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to tell us if you think Star Wars will beat Jurassic World's box office record!

Source: THR, Deadline

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