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Vincent D’Onofrio talks Jurassic World: "No one really has it right"
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 22 August 2014 at 12:19PM - 3 Comments

ImageIt has been reported that Vincent D'Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, Law & Order) plays the villain in Jurassic World, which has now wrapped filming. In an interview with ScreenCrush, Vincent talked what he could about the film and stated that no one has really guessed the plot yet.

As we've heard in previous interviews, he praised director Colin Trevorrow and the way he works, saying that Spielberg chose him for Jurassic World because of his ending to Safety Not Guaranteed - which Colin added in.

"I can say is that Chris Pratt has become a friend; he’s an awesome guy. Colin Trevorrow is a great director. The crew on that [film] was amazing. The storyline is gonna be so different than the first few.

Some of the scenes in that, just the scenes that I shot — I’m not in nearly as much as Chris is or Bryce, they’re the leads in the movie — but just if I’m gonna talk about the stuff that I did, the scenes are so cool. There’s real dialogue scenes in the movie and there’s real, like, acting scenes in the movie, but at the same time the environment is full of dinosaurs. I mean, it’s just amazing."

At this point everyone is keen to hear what the plot is but they are still keeping that under wraps.

"That’s really cool. Well, we kind of already know, I mean Trevorrow has kind of already dished a lot on the plot, but…
You know, I’ve seen a lot of the stories out there. None of them really have it.
Yeah, not really.
Well, that’s good. Surprises, we need surprises.
… You have no idea what’s in store. There really are a couple of, I would say more than five or six scenes in that, that are just totally iconic, like amazing."

While actors and crew can't talk about the movie's plot or anything like that, they still know how to build hype for the movie. While I have a biased opinion and I know actors have to talk positive about the films they are promoting, the way that some of the cast from Jurassic World have been talking about the film really seems genuine, like this film really is something else. It makes me all the more excited!

"Can you say anything about…?
[Laughs] No! I mean, I can’t. I’m legally bound not to say anything, and I also think it’s more exciting not to. It’s so funny because, when you’re on a set like that … it’s not the same feeling you have on any other set, like, something that was created up, this world that was created by Steven Spielberg. When you’re on that set, I remember the first couple days on the set it was so weird it. You see, “oh, there’s the jeep from so and so,” and [whispers] “oh fuck, that’s…oh shit!,” and everything looks so Jurassic-y. It’s quite something. Then you have to realize that, you know, fuck, you know, I’m playing a real guy in a real situation, and you gotta start acting. But at first when you walk on set, like when we were shooting in Hawaii, we’re on the side of this beautiful mountain, flying in helicopters and all kinds of shit.

… Like I said, there’s an endless amount of iconic scenes in the movie that come one after another that are going to be so spectacular. You know, I think everyone is going to just love it. If they’re anything, like, if the public is anything as enthusiastic as my daughter and my 14-year-old son, I think it’s gonna be a huge movie then."

What do you think the plot of the movie is? What do you hope to see in Jurassic World? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: ScreenCrush

Jake Johnson talks his role in Jurassic World!
Posted by Jack DLM - Sunday 17 August 2014 at 08:08PM - 3 Comments

ImageActor Jake Johnson (New Girl, Safety Not Guaranteed) spoke in an interview with AICN about Jurassic World and his role in it. While he and others involved with the film can't speak about the film in depth, he did share some interesting things about it.

Capone: I’ve got to ask you about JURASSIC WORLD. Who do you play in that? It’s great you guys are getting back with [SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED director] Colin Trevorrow and [SNG writer] Derek Connolly.
JJ: I’m actually not allowed to talk too much about it.
Capone: Yeah I figured, but tell me anyway.
JJ: [laughs] Bryce Dallas Howard is in there, you’ve got Chris Pratt, and I get a few texts here and there from Colin saying they’re having the time of their life. It’s awesome. And the script’s really great. Derek and Colin wrote this one together, and they’re going for it. They’re not just adding on to the franchise. They’re fans of it, and they want to take it to the next level.
Capone: I interviewed them in Austin for SAFETY and quickly realized that these guys are like nerd central. They love this stuff.
JJ: The only thing I can give you about my character that’s fun in terms of nerding out about JURASSIC is that my character loves Jurassic World and Jurassic Park. We’re playing with this idea that they know the legacy of the park. But that’s all I can give.
Capone: I know your character is a tech guy who is running it from the control room for a while. See, I know a few things about it.
[Johnson gets a slightly nervous look on his face]
JJ: You said that though, not me.

In another interview on the Elvis Duran morning show, he was also asked about Jurassic World and said how he had got in trouble with the higher ups for letting a few things slip about the film and his role. In the interview, which starts at 1:48, he also praises director Colin Trevorrow and how he works on set. They talk about going from Safety Not Guaranteed's modest budget to Jurassic World's blockbuster budget and how Colin is the right man for the job.

Those words are enough for a fan to get excited. While those involved with the film have to no doubt say positive things, everything we're hearing so far sounds very genuine. How excited are you for Jurassic World? Be sure to let us know in the comments! We also now run a podcast for the site so check that out and tune in for some Jurassic discussion!

Source: AICN, Elvis Duran

Irrfan Khan to play 'Masrani', owner of Masrani Corp and Jurassic World
Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Wednesday 13 August 2014 at 12:49AM - 8 Comments

ImageThanks to IMDB, we finally know the name of Irrfan Khan's character, which was previously reported as 'Patel'. If you tuned into our Podcast you may have caught us sharing that Patel was no longer the correct name, which originated from an earlier draft.

Now that the name 'Masrani' has surfaced we ran a simple WhoIs on www.MasraniCorp.com, showing that Universal Studios indeed owns it. From our understanding, the concept of Patel Corp still remains, simply the name has changed. The big question is how InGen remains involved in Jurassic World, as Masrani is the new corporate owner.

While Universals plans for MasraniCorp.com remains unclear, perhaps we can expect an interactive viral website in the future. As always, stay tuned for everything Jurassic World!

Source: IMDB, NetworkSolutions/WhoIs

Jurassic World officially finishes filming today!
Posted by Jack DLM - Tuesday 05 August 2014 at 05:04PM - 18 Comments

ImageAfter almost four months of filming in Hawaii and New Orleans, Jurassic Park 4 will be filming for the final day today! Producer Frank Marshall took to Twitter to post a photo of the final callsheet that states 'Picture Finish'.

The call sheet also tells us that lead actress Bryce Dallas Howard will be playing 'Claire' and that some of the final shots that are filmed include the Mobile Veterinary Unit, Claire following Owen and Claire's POV over the Mobile Vet Unit.

I don't think words can express how exciting and monumental this is for Jurassic Park fans - who have been waiting more than 12 years for the fourth entry into the franchise. It's amazing to know that as of today, the whole film is in the can, and in under a year's time, we will be sitting in a theatre watching Jurassic World.


Update: To commemorate the final day of filming on Jurassic World, director Colin Trevorrow uploaded this photo to Twitter, of the final slate, sitting in what appears to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton! What an incredibly exciting time this is. Thank you Colin Trevorrow, Frank Marshall, Derek Connolly and Steven Spielberg for making this happen - we'll be right with you on the next part of the journey! Bring on Jurassic World!

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