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Jurassic World sequel director announcement inbound; likely Wednesday at Cinemacon 2016
Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Tuesday 12 April 2016 at 01:05AM - 3 Comments

Last Monday, April 4th, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow created some small impact tremors online by revealing a announcement that the sequels director was coming "very soon." It's been one week to the day, meaning the news drop should be right around the corner - and it seems likely that Wednesday is our day.


Today marks the start of CinemaCon 2016 (April 11th-14th), the worlds largest Trade Show aimed at theater owners, in which many large film studios including Universal Pictures participate in. It just so happens that Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall is attending, and Universal is hosting a Panel this Wednesday, the 13th:


The panel will last two hours, and will focus primarily on this years films such as 'The Huntsman' and 'Warcraft', however will also include information for 'beyond 2016'. Universals biggest tentpoles - 'Fast and the Furious' and 'Jurassic Park' are sure to be involved, as they are crowd-pleasers and money-makers. While it's unlikely they will dive that deep into news for the hotly anticipated Jurassic World sequel, it is almost guaranteed they will announce the director and expected filming window.

At this point, it's all but confirmed that Juan Antonio Bayona is the director, but it will be great to have official verification. While perhaps unlikely, trade shows can also be used to show early teaser like this 2013 'Jurassic Park 4' poster:


Either way, news is coming soon, so hold on to your butts, and sound off in the comments below!

It REALLY IS Time For a Jurassic Park Video Game
Posted by Jack DLM - Saturday 02 April 2016 at 03:57PM - 16 Comments

This is a follow up to my previous two articles where I discuss the need for a new Jurassic Park video game.

Unfortunately, nearly 300 days since the release of Jurassic World last summer, we have yet to hear of a tie-in video game for the franchise. It's now a little too late for Universal to release a tie-in game (but we know they were planning it) but it certainly is not too late for a video game set in the Jurassic universe. In fact, it's the perfect idea to keep the franchise active and talked about while audiences await the sequel.


In the history of Jurassic Park, there has always been more than one video game released per movie, and while the industry has shifted and times have changed, video games are a booming side of the industry and franchises like Alien, Godzilla, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Transformers are profiting from the video game scene. But why not Jurassic Park?

Jurassic World was a surprise box office hit, breaking multiple awards and earning over $1.6 billion at the worldwide box office. It is currently the fourth highest grossing film of all time. The franchise is back, but not fully. Where is the expanded universe?

Recently I was looking at what video games are releasing alongside the new Playstation VR, and I was surprised to see two video games that heavily feature dinosaurs. The world is screaming for a Jurassic Park game. Until we get one, ARK Survival and Robinson look like good substitutions and feature dinosaurs in a 'lost world'. While those games will likely be a lot of fun, they will not have the magic that Jurassic Park does.


Last year, arcade game developers Raw Thrills released Jurassic Park Arcade, a brand new interactive adventure. I got the chance to play this recently and honestly, it's a lot of fun. Of course it's an over the top action shooter (as most, if not all arcade games are) but it tells a fun and interesting story about rescuing some of the dinosaurs that remain on Isla Nublar and we get to see Nublar in it's ruins.

It's the kind of game that I'd love to play again. It's a good video game for the franchise but unfortunately is not widely available. You'll have to hope that your local arcade actually has it. I got in touch with the developers recently who informed me that they are actively looking into the idea of porting the game to Playstation VR. The VR games are obviously first person so already the game fits the description. It's a busy and active game that would suit the virtual reality technology. If you want to see that, let the company know you'd buy it!


You'd think Universal Pictures may seize the opportunity that Playstation are providing with the new VR headset and may pursue a Jurassic Park game to be one of the first video games to use the technology.

But they're not. We have not heard a whisper about an upcoming video game or a video game in development, which is truly unfortunate. So what can we do until then? How can you fill the void? Well, there are plenty of fan made games being developed, most notably this Trespasser remake as well as Jurassic Park Aftermath.

Those are both checking out and supporting. And hoping we may begin to hear talks of an official video game for the franchise. Perhaps something to come just before Jurassic World 2, or a tie-in game to release alongside it? Alien: Isolation was a very successful video game that told a unique story staying true to the original film. It's time for Jurassic Park to receive the same treatment.

Jurassic Time's creator joins us on Episode 31 of our Podcast!
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 01 April 2016 at 05:50PM - 4 Comments

While we are unable to upload new episodes of our podcast to our YouTube channel, you can still listen to them on iTunes, Stitcher and our hosts: JellyCast.


In the latest episode of our podcast, Chris, Asees and myself are joined by Derrick Davis, creator of Jurassic Time where we discuss his project and the wonderful game that is Trespasser. We also discuss the music of the franchise and the upcoming sequel, which a director has yet to be announced for.

We once again share our thoughts on the Blu-Ray's bonus features, or lack-of.

You can listen to Episode 31 on iTunes, Stitcher or directly on JellyCast! We hope you enjoy the episode and be sure to stay tuned for more!

Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Thursday 31 March 2016 at 10:17PM - 15 Comments

In a surprise move, Universal Pictures has unveiled a press release announcing that Jurassic Park alumni Samuel L. Jackson will reprise his role of Ray Arnold in the Jurassic World sequel.

Everyone's favorite chain smoking chief engineer, most famous for his line "Hold on to your butts", seemingly met his demise at the hungry claws of a Velociraptor. However, despite his severed arm he not only was able to lend Ellie a comforting hand in her time of need, he also apparently survived.


As such, it seems reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. Read the press release below:

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIF., April 1st, 2016 / JurassicNewswire / Universal Pictures

In anticipation of the untitled Jurassic World sequel, releasing June 22nd, 2018, UNIVERSAL PICTURES in partnership with AMBLIN ENTERTAINMENT are thrilled to announce the return of Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role of Ray Arnold seen in the original 1993 film, Jurassic Park.

"I am thrilled to return to the franchise" stated Jackson "I had always believed Mr. Arnold had survived his fateful encounter with the those pesky raptors. Finally I can show them who the real badass is!"

While details of the sequel's plot are being kept under wraps, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow is returning to produce and write the sequel alongside Derek Connolly.

"I had never seen Samuel L. Jackson in a film before seeing Jurassic Park in 2013" said Derek Connolly "After finally seeing him action, I knew I had to further acquaint myself with his portfolio. I went straight to 'Snakes on a Plane' which was enough for me - I knew he had to return. I suggested it to Colin and it was full steam ahead!"

"Samuel L Jackson is known for his gentle, and intricately funny performances. I found his comedic grace in Jurassic Park, which I consider one of the top cinematic comedies, the most notable nuance of the film." stated Colin Trevorrow "It's important to me that he remains as funny as ever, although he also must evolve in his characterization. Ray was punished for his chain smoking in Jurassic Park, and to reflect both the growth of the character and the change of times we have decided he no longer smokes - but rather chronically vapes!"

"I believe the vaping will really resonate with younger audiences, especially when an actor like Sam is involved." Steven Spielberg asserted "We're thrilled to say that we are partnering with a vape manufacturer, which will feature heavily in the film. That announcement is coming down the road though."

"We cannot wait for audiences to see more. Ray Arnold being alive and having robotic prosthetic arm really indicates a very cool backstory - one that audiences will absolutely want to know, but they'll have to wait!" joked Trevorrow "Actually, they'll be waiting for a long time, because we decided to not include it in the film. It's a proven story building technique!"

Samuel L. Jackson will be joining Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the Jurassic World sequel, which is slated to begin filming later this year. A director has yet to be announced, though Steven Spielberg was sure to address if he would ever consider helming it.

"Oh, goodness no."


So there you have it - Ray Arnold not only is alive, but he apparently will constantly blow vape in your face while you try to mind your own business. I know we aren't joking when we say we cannot wait for the Jurassic World sequel, though the same can't be said about the press release above.

Happy April 1st, AKA April Fools Day everyone! No hard feelings?

Source: AFD News

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