LEGO Jurassic World sets officially unveiled at New York Toy Fair
Posted by Sandy - Saturday 14 February 2015 at 04:33PM - 13 Comments

LEGO has finally unveiled the highly anticipated Jurassic World sets, which are currently set for a May release. The sets are said to be key scenes from the movie and feature a variety of characters and dinosaurs including the Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon, T-Rex, 2 Raptors and the new addition to Jurassic World, the Indominous Rex. It should be noted that the sets may also include small spoilers. 

Below are some pictures of each of the sets - click to enlarge!

Dilophosaurus Ambush

Image  Image

This set contains Gray and an ACU troop mini-figure, a Dilophosaurus, gyrosphere, and what looks to be a Jeep similar to the original Wrangler but sporting a fresh new blue paint job. It is interesting to see the Dilophosaur in the Lego set that are from key scenes from the movie. There seems to be a pretty good chance that its going to be seen in the movie. 

Pteranodon Capture

Image  Image

This is the smallest of the Lego Jurassic World sets. It includes a Simon Masrani and an ACU trooper mini-figure, a Pteranodon and a helicopter (JW001) with a firing net feature.

Raptor Rampage

Image  Image

This mid range set features an Owen, Claire and an ACU trooper mini-figure along with raptors Blue and Delta. Owen's motorbike and the Mobile Vet Unit vehicle are also included. It seems as though the Raptors are attacking the Vet Unit and Pratt. 

T-Rex Tracker

Image  Image

The Rex set is one of the two largest sets of the line. It features Hoskins, a vet, and another ACU trooper minifigure and the fan favorite T-Rex. Also featured is a very large transport/capture vehicle for the Rex. 

Indominus Rex Breakout

Image  Image

This is the largest of the Jurassic World sets that is being released. There are 4 mini-figures: Dr. Wu, Zack, Vet, and an ACU troop. But the star of this set is the Indominus Rex. The I-Rex's paddock, a helicopter and a gyrosphere are also present. 

Personally, I think these sets look fantastic. There are a good amount of mini-figures, dinosaurs and vehicles that fans should be very happy with. Look for these to start hitting in May before the release of the movie. 

Source: LEGO Group TwitterBrickset

First look at Hasbro's Indominus Rex, LEGO sets and much more!
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 13 February 2015 at 03:03PM - 12 Comments


Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now have an official first look at the new attraction to Jurassic World - the Indominus Rex. As the article states, a number of pictures of the toy have leaked online but now Hasbro have officially unveiled the toy to the audience at Toy Fair 2015 in New York.

Hasbro's toyline will be revealed tomorrow on the 14th, but EW got an early look at the dinosaur.


The Indominus Rex was officially revealed recently via an update on Masrani Global and a huge new banner image on the official Jurassic World website, that led to more information about the hybrid, which is currently 40ft tall.

According to EW, the Indominus Rex toy will be $35 and is battery-operated which allows it to roar, chomp, and it also has light-up skin on its back.

Some images from Hasbro's toyline have leaked online in the past few weeks, but as expected they have been revealed at the Toy Fair in time for their release this Spring and Fall. Below are two more pictures showing the two Jurassic favourites, the 'Stomp and Strike' Tyrannosaurus Rex (Fall, $34.99) and the 'Growler' Velociraptor 'Blue' (Spring, $14.99).

Image   Image

The entire product line will be available in May, which includes toys, games, apparel and more. Thanks to Nublar7 for sending this my way!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

UPDATE: It looks like today is merchandise news day! SuperHeroHype have now posted first looks at even more of the Hasbro toyline. Below is a shot of the original Jurassic Park gates, modified for Jurassic World, with the original fencing. It also has a new Gyrosphere ball with it.


Check out all of the pictures here or some key highlights below, which include a picture of the Dilophosaurus, Mosasaurus and many more!

We have had a few looks at the upcoming LEGO toyline too, but now we have the first official pictures of the sets, which show two Velociraptors (with capture gear on their heads) and a Chris Pratt minifigure, as well as two others. The Mobile Vet Unit is also there, as is Owen's motorbike! Check out the pictures here!


Source: SuperHeroHype, Mashable

Masrani Oil have discovered a way to help InGen in the hunt for prehistoric organisms
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 13 February 2015 at 02:22PM - 2 Comments

Since October we have been getting monthly news updates from Masrani Global which highlights information about the company and talks about their upcoming projects. February's update, which was posted yesterday, gives us a hint at how the Mosasaur may have been created, as well as hinting at new marine reptiles in future films.


The update describes how "new innovations in fossil fuel technology will be able to aid in the identification of well-preserved fossils, the key element needed to bring Jurassic World’s dinosaurs to life."

"Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons such as coal, oil and natural gas, derived from the biological remnants of prehistoric organisms", explains Emma Hannigan - Masrani Oil’s Head of Public Relations. "An analysis of an offshore peat deposit in the United Arab Emirates has shown identifiable carbon and iron-rich organic structures from the late Cretaceous to mid Miocene periods. This has InGen’s scientists very excited. With the prospects of adding to InGen’s ever expanding aquatic and botanic genomic library, who knows what else is out there?"

It's little elements like this that really make this film. Not just having dinosaur DNA extracted from amber, but actually pushing that theory and the science behind it and having new DNA found in crude oil. Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy always used to speak about balancing the science with the adventure and something tells me they have done that with Jurassic World.

Meet Vic Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio) in video highlighting InGen's security with new footage!
Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Tuesday 10 February 2015 at 07:00PM - 24 Comments

ImageHold on to your butts, cause this is a big one! Masrani Global just updated with a video highlighting their security division, run by Vincent D'onofrio's character Vic Hoskins.

In the video they showcase some amazing new footage, filled with high-tech weaponary - and much, much more! Watch the video below, and keep your eyes open - you can catch a glimpse of Hamada, played by Brian Tee as well!

ImageThat video contains a lot of information to digest - we already covered InGen being a world leader in private security, but now we have a better idea on how this applies to Jurassic World.

Further, on the website we see that Vic Hoskins was hired in 2001 after assisting in the "cleanup" of the escaped Pteranodons from Jurassic Park 3! The website has quite a few amazing new pictures, including one of InGens ACU soldiers holding a very unique looking weapon.

As the release of Jurassic World gets closer, the movie's fantastic viral marketing continues to ramp up! Are you excited to see Vincent D'onofrio in Jurassic World, and what role do you think his character will play?

Sound off in the comments, our forums, and stay tuned for all the latest news!

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