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Our Trailer Analysis Video!
Posted by Jack DLM - Thursday 04 December 2014 at 07:41PM - 8 Comments

The reaction to the Jurassic World trailer that was released last week has generally been very positive, and us here at JurassicWorld.org certainly enjoyed it! While we will of course be doing a podcast discussion on the trailer, going in detail into what certain things might mean, Chris, Asees and myself got together last week to record a "brief" discussion on it.

I have put together a trailer analysis video so you can now watch and see what we're talking about! Check it out below:

Be sure to let us know what you think of the analysis by liking and/or commenting on YouTube! You can check out previous episodes of our podcast here.

In related news, the Jurassic World trailer has beaten Avengers: Age of Ultron's one week record. Avengers had 50.6 million views in it's first week, with Jurassic having 53.9 million views in total! Variety is also reporting a very positive response for Jurassic World, as it sits at #1 on the weekly Digital Audience Ratings. The films rating is 38,607 while Star Wars holds 13,599.

Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming film as it gets closer to the release date. Join the discussion in our forum for all things Jurassic!

Source: THR, Variety

Trevorrow's guide to the first Jurassic World trailer!
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 28 November 2014 at 02:34PM - 22 Comments

Director Colin Trevorrow took time out of his post-production schedule to speak with Empire Magazine about the recently released Jurassic World trailer and guide us through it.


The trailer has been viewed almost 30 million times and is still climbing. It has been met with a mostly positive response, although has raised some questions. Why creature a new, super predator? How safe is the park? How close are Owen and Beth? Are those Raptors trained? Hit the jump to find out!

Read More!

JurassicWorld.com launches new website filled with pics and info
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 28 November 2014 at 02:08AM - 26 Comments

The countdown to the trailer reveal was cut short by the early release of the trailer two days ago. However, the countdown remained live, perhaps hinting to fans that something else will be revealed.


While some were hoping for even more footage, the countdown revealed the new Jurassic World viral website for the park and also some images of the dinosaurs! Check out the images below:

Image  Image  Image

Something you'll notice on the Rex is that it appears to the be the same Rex from the original film - notice the scars?

There is a really nice section on 'Our Founder', which informs you about John Hammond and his original dream for a dinosaur park. There are numerous new images from the film on the website, showing the resort, the shops, the rides and more.


Be sure to dive into the website and take a look at all the sections which teach you about the park, it's rides, some of the dinosaurs, with much more to come!

Posted by Jack DLM - Tuesday 25 November 2014 at 05:30PM - 70 Comments

Unexpectely, the Jurassic World trailer that was due to be released on Thanksgiving Thursday, has suddenly been released, as tweeted by director Colin Trevorrow and producer Frank Marshall! Watch it 100 times below!

I have waited 13 years for this moment and I couldn't be happier. That was breathtaking, gorgeous and scary! It's everything Jurassic Park 4 needs to be, and more! I think the world is going to be surprised by this sequel!

As well as the trailer releasing early, the official website - www.jurassicworldmovie.com - has launched, revealing some information about the film, the full cast list, and a good number of HD pictures from the trailer.

Image  Image  Image

Be sure to check out the site, like and share the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments section and in our forum!

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