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Jurassic World coming to Comic-Con 2014?
Posted by Part Time Hero - Monday 21 July 2014 at 07:22PM - 16 Comments

The silence on Jurassic World's presence at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 has finally broken with director Colin Trevorrow taking to Twitter to premiere an exclusive poster for convention attendees.


Similar in design and colour to the art designed for the first Jurassic Park film, the poster depicts a classic Nublar Raptor atop the crash Ford Explorer from the original park. Construction for Jurassic World proceeds in the background. Keens eyes might also noticed a clutch of Raptor eggs in the Tour Car's wheel arch.

Whilst this confirms Jurassic World will be at Comic-Con in one form or another it is still not known where or when.

In other news, Steven Weintraub over at Collider is reporting that Chris Pratt has wrapped filming on Jurassic World and is VERY pleased with how it turned out.

What do you make of these latest developments? Will you be attending Comic-Con?


Poster artist Mark Englert has tweeted instructions on how to get hold of this exclusive, just text JURASSIC to 834567 and await further instructions!

Source:  @collintrevorrow@colliderfrosty@markenglert

Jurassic World brochure reveals dinosaur list!
Posted by Jack DLM - Monday 14 July 2014 at 08:26PM - 22 Comments

ComingSoon have posted images of the official Jurassic World brochure that guests have when they arrive at the park. It includes information on the park highlights, is covered in corporate sponsorship, and reveals a partial list of dinosaurs that we will be seeing at the park.

The images were original leaked onto Twitter by @jurassicp2k15 who was requesting followers so that he would post more images. We're assuming he was an extra who took a map home or we've even heard reports that some extras were selling their brochures outside the locations. Shout out to Christian for also sending these our way!

Image Image Image Image

What's interesting is that the brochure doesn't list the Velociraptor or the new Diabolus-Rex, but I think it's safe to assume that those dinosaurs aren't for the visitors to see. We know Chris Pratt's character is conducting behavioral research on Velociraptors, most likely in a hidden section of the park. We also know that the D-Rex is an experiment that they are working on behind closed doors, so it wouldn't have made it to the brochures quite yet.

We also shared this image on our social media pages, of the Jurassic World map that was another brochure seen at the park. It's got the new and final logo on it as well as giving us a better look at the layout of the island.

ImageAnd finally, a Twitter user posted this image of one of the many vehicles we've seen in set photos for the film. Previously we've always seen the vehicles with a piece of blue plastic covering a logo on the doors - well now that logo has been revealed on one of the vehicles as a company that we know fairly well.

Comic Con is on the horizon but it doesn't look like Jurassic World will be making an appearance. While Legendary Pictures, Phil Tippett and Legacy Effects have panels, Slashfilm and HitFix have reported that we won't be seeing Universal Pictures' Jurassic World this year. It begs the question - when WILL we be seeing something official for the movie? We may get a surprise at Comic Con but at this point is does seem unlikely.

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Jaffa and Silver speak about Jurassic World!
Posted by Part Time Hero - Wednesday 09 July 2014 at 04:29PM - 3 Comments

ImageWith their latest film, 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' just around the corner from release, JoBlo.com has caught up with the husband and wife tag-team who wrote the original script for Jurassic World. Below are a few excerpts which provided some great insight into where Jurassic World came from.

Then you went on to write JURASSIC WORLD. Was that something you sought out, or did it come to you?
Jaffa: That was different, we got a call from our agents saying Steven Spielberg was interested in meeting with us for JURASSIC WORLD. And I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't catch the name!" [Laughs] We were very excited. The first meeting with him was fantastic.
Silver: He's everything you imagine. He's so collaborative.
Jaffa: We felt a personal connection with him immediately, so collaboratively there was a quick meshing of thought and ideas. We were brought on pretty quickly.

Spielberg was thoroughly involved in the writing process?
Jaffa: Oh yeah, very much so. For the longest time, maybe a year, it was just the three of us.

Do you know how much of your vision remains at this stage? I believe Colin Trevorrow and his partner did a lot of work on it, if not started totally from scratch.
Jaffa: Another thing built on what we created, but we did not work with those guys creatively. We don't really know. We had one conversation with Colin. But we really believe in him, the cast is very cool. We're very excited about the experience with Steven and our contribution to it.

What are some of the cool set pieces you wrote that you hope make it in there?
Jaffa: [Laughs] We can't talk about that.

Is the old adage true, that screenwriters are paid well but treated like crap to make up for it?
Silver: [Laughs] It's kind of true.
Jaffa: I don't know about the "paid well" business. The thing about being a screenwriter is, sometimes you stick with it and it works out well, and other times you're replaced and it doesn't work out well for the project. But if your stuff is in it and audiences are moved by it, it's been worth it.
Silver: When it comes to JURASSIC WORLD we're extremely grateful to have worked the way we did.

Read the full interview over at JoBlo.com, thanks to Eric Walkuski for such a great article! What are your thoughts on Silver and Jaffa's canon of work? Do they make you excited for Jurassic World? Comment below!

Source: JoBlo

Possible first look at Jurassic World's Velociraptor! [UPDATE: It's real!]
Posted by Jack DLM - Monday 07 July 2014 at 07:39PM - 34 Comments

Possible VelociraptorPlease take this information with a grain of salt, but it looks like we may have our first look at a Velociraptor for Jurassic World! An Instagram user posted this image with the tag:

This is an actual Velociraptor for the upcoming film Jurassic World! #jurassicworld #dinosaur #universalstudios #StevenSpielberg #Velociraptor #HYPE

The Velociraptor looks like a cross between the original Jurassic Park one, and the Raptor seen in The Lost World. It's pictured in a warehouse which could either be where the production crew are currently filming in New Orleans, or the location where this particular bust/animatronic was made.

Legacy Effects are based in California, and the information from Instagram tells us that the photo was taken and uploaded in Valencia, California. We know that Legacy are attached to Jurassic World so this Raptor could be ready for shipping to New Orleans for filming.

It's wearing some sort of muzzle/harness which could either be part of the story, or simply a harness for transportation, which would make sense considering how fragile and expensive the animatronic dinosaurs are.

Another interesting point is the slight green colour to the skin. In the Today Show's on-set video that went online recently, you can see some early Jurassic World toys in the background, one of which were green Raptor Claws".

We do advise to not believe everything you read - this could be a hoax, a miscommunication or simply not from Jurassic World. We are currently trying to figure out the authenticity of this image, and we will be sure to update the story as new information arises!

UPDATE: We have had confirmation from multiple sources that this image is indeed real! This is our first official look at a Jurassic World dinosaur! What do you think?

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