Possible first look at Jurassic World's Velociraptor! [UPDATE: It's real!]
Posted by Jack DLM - Monday 07 July 2014 at 07:39PM - 38 Comments

Possible VelociraptorPlease take this information with a grain of salt, but it looks like we may have our first look at a Velociraptor for Jurassic World! An Instagram user posted this image with the tag:

This is an actual Velociraptor for the upcoming film Jurassic World! #jurassicworld #dinosaur #universalstudios #StevenSpielberg #Velociraptor #HYPE

The Velociraptor looks like a cross between the original Jurassic Park one, and the Raptor seen in The Lost World. It's pictured in a warehouse which could either be where the production crew are currently filming in New Orleans, or the location where this particular bust/animatronic was made.

Legacy Effects are based in California, and the information from Instagram tells us that the photo was taken and uploaded in Valencia, California. We know that Legacy are attached to Jurassic World so this Raptor could be ready for shipping to New Orleans for filming.

It's wearing some sort of muzzle/harness which could either be part of the story, or simply a harness for transportation, which would make sense considering how fragile and expensive the animatronic dinosaurs are.

Another interesting point is the slight green colour to the skin. In the Today Show's on-set video that went online recently, you can see some early Jurassic World toys in the background, one of which were green Raptor Claws".

We do advise to not believe everything you read - this could be a hoax, a miscommunication or simply not from Jurassic World. We are currently trying to figure out the authenticity of this image, and we will be sure to update the story as new information arises!

UPDATE: We have had confirmation from multiple sources that this image is indeed real! This is our first official look at a Jurassic World dinosaur! What do you think?

Israel Barber
01/12/14 12:53AM
This actually paying some homage to the original novel and The Lost World arcade game, the raptors in the novel were green and if you remember the mural in the Vistor Center the raptor seen in the illustration was colored green with stripes just like this one. Aside from this the Alpha Raptors in TLW arcade game were exactly green with the same coloration so this could mostly likely mean that they will be an Alpha Velociraptor in the new Jurassic World movie.

21/10/14 04:51AM
I believe that the characteristics of the velociraptors that we see in Jurassic Park (the original) are simply due to the fact that they were confined to the genetic experimentation of the Jurassic Park scientists at the time. They were created using fragmented DNA that was supplemented with the DNA of West African frog species (according to Dr. Grant's theory on the origin of the frog DNA). The raptors in the subsequent titles were not subject to synthesized reproduction as were their predecessors. Which means with time, as they bred, their DNA and therefore their characteristics (such as skin tones, size, feather features, etc.) began to evolve naturally into those that would be seen in a diverse pride (pack) of raptors in the wild as opposed to ones created for a theme park under human restrictions. I know it's just a movie though and I aim to enjoy it.

01/09/14 03:13AM
Did anyone ever read the novels? The males were green in color! they're just following the books is all, which I am very glad for. There were raptors also breeding and getting out of their in closers. hints is to why they're loose.and one of the kids in this film is probably going to see the loose ones in the jungle and no one is going to believe them also like the 1st book.

24/08/14 10:04PM
The point of Jurasic Park was not to take away anything from paleontology. Take what Dr. Grant had said in JP3. Along the lines of What was done at InJen for Jurassic Park was a creation of genetically created theme park monsters nothing more or less. Dr. Grant was pushing the real science behind it or did you not see JP3? Since they are genetically created theme park monsters, that in it self allows the freedom to create them as the company desires. Remember that InGen is about making money and only uses scientists to get them what they want to make it. The scientists are not paid obviously to give them updated dinosaurs, atleast not yet.

17/07/14 07:27AM
You know I what I say. I'm glad they aren't putting feathers on dinosaurs because they don't give a shit about what science supposedly says or proves bird evolution. Guess whose getting laid more? The guys and gals making this movie keeping true to real dinosaurs. Its been proven that certain scientist had forged fossils in the past if they can forged evidence of living creatures are these people that trustworthy. Pretty much all dinosaur brains share similarities between reptiles today. Also when I was 8 I went to a meuseum and walked past a display of a V-Raptor fighting an ankylosaur. Even though the display rose off the ground about a foot I could tellhe V-Raptor was very larger than me. And if anyone says "well maybe it wasn't a velociraptor" I CAN FUCKING READ the engraved plaque describing the display said velociraptor. V-Raptors height should've been cleared after jp1 but instead its automatically realized in 2007. I've mad my point deal with it. GO FUCK A BIRD THEN F

13/07/14 06:00PM
I liked it a lot. I was never a fan of JP3's raptors because they looked like indians: they were to smart, they had indian calls for help, they had face paint and indian headdress that some people like to call feathers.

This one looks like a reptile and an animal that was genetically created.

Jurassic World doesn't need to be realistic, it never was, even at the time it was made.

13/07/14 04:25PM
Also remember that this is only the likely male version of the sexual dimorphism so not all Raptors will be green in JW.

13/07/14 04:24PM
I'm glad to know that they're respecting the original reptilian aesthetic as IMHO the ones we've seen in the past need a better explanation to their existence than "it is accurate". Truthfully speaking, the JP/JW dinosaurs are not the same things that ruled the Earth millions of years ago. The aesthetics plainly point to man-made origin. They are representations of what the science of the movies successfully gathered from preserved genetic material with the rest being patch up, rather arbitrary ones in cases like the Raptors.

"And for those who bitch about not following the the jp3 continuity of how the raptors looked, well, jp3 didn't follow the continuity of how the raptors looked in the first two movies. So what makes more sense here?"
Exactly, there is no clearly defined continuity, that's the job for the movies to establish if they ever are to be. Feathers are fine as long as you better define what was before them. Personally, I love the classic aesthetic. Al

mike hunt
13/07/14 07:44AM
mmmmmm wet cock

13/07/14 05:41AM
I don't know what everyone is bitching about when it comes to this picture. It looks so much like the first jurassic park raptors compared to jurassic park 3. Maybe they have just ingeneered them differently for the new park, causing the green coloration instead of a slight earth tone orange.

And for those who bitch about not following the the jp3 continuity of how the raptors looked, well, jp3 didn't follow the continuity of how the raptors looked in the first two movies. So what makes more sense here?

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