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Original JP Jeep returns to Hawaii plus new vehicle!
Posted by Jack DLM - Thursday 10 April 2014 at 01:32PM - 12 Comments

Thanks to a user on Instagram, we have a first look at the vehicles in Jurassic World, and what's better than knowing that we will be seeing an old and memorable vehicle return?! An original staff vehicle from Jurassic Park, a Jeep Wrangler, apparently is returning, having arrived in Hawaii.

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The Wrangler is looking old and rusty, perhaps hinting that we will be seeing parts of the old park return in flashbacks or in a section of the film. The vehicle looks like it's been left for quite some time and number 29 was the vehicle that Hammond rode in with the Lawyer, when they first get to the island. The return of this Jeep could mean we will see a part of the park that we never saw in the first film, or that the vehicle has been simply saved by the Patel Corporation. We really don't know how the Jeep will be used at this point, but it's exciting to speculate!

The photos come from a member of the Universal Studios Transportation Department, who is currently on Hawaii. He also posted a photograph of another vehicle which is supposedly for Jurassic World, which looks like an armoured security vehicle reminiscent of the vehicles used by InGen in The Lost World. If you look closely at the photograph you will see another vehicle behind the armoured truck.

Today is an exciting day; not only do we find out an original Jeep from the first film will be returning, but today also marks the first filming day of Jurassic World. Colin Trevorrow and his crew are shooting at the Honolulu Zoo today, with a lot of extras we are told.

If you, like me, have been waiting for this film for give-or-take 12 years, then today doesn't really feel real. It's hard to describe the feeling. I wish the best of luck to Colin Trevorrow and his crew and cast, who I'm sure are going to make a sequel that we're all going to love.

Stay tuned as news comes in. It's going to be a busy few months!

Matturassic World
29/04/15 01:43AM
It would be totally cool to see the original "Jurassic Park" ruins again!!!!

Jurassic John
17/12/14 08:02PM
Hi hope we get awesome vehicle toys like we did back in 1993. How awesome would it be if we got the Bush devil tracker and jungle Explorer again!

12/05/14 12:58PM
Nope, I stand corrected...the Jeep Dennis was in was #12 I believe (Jurassic Park was on this weekene lol)

07/05/14 11:35AM
Maybe its also the same jeep Dennis took when he tried to deliver the stolen embryos ? Maybe they stumble upon his bones in it? I don't remember what # was on the jeep he was in. Can't wait for this movie.

Matthew K.
13/04/14 05:04PM
Can you remember who was riding in jeep number 29 in Jurassic Park? Yes, that's right: Hammond and Gennaro. I wonder if that detail is important or not?

Christopher Bryan
10/04/14 07:27PM
You guys are on top of it! Very exciting!

10/04/14 04:35PM
Wait wait, in english without the excitation: The car behind is a Mercedes G Class! ^^

10/04/14 03:49PM
Words cannot describe my joy right now!

I believe Chris Pratt and gang will stumble upon this abandoned jeep in need of escape from the dino infested jungle.

10/04/14 02:45PM
Cra behing is a Mercedes G class!!!

10/04/14 02:29PM
Wow, this is another fantastic news! I never forget how I left the cinema back in 2001 as a 7 year old kid: Thrilled because of the movie, but sad that Jurassic Park, the franchise of my childhood and one of the most wonderful movie series in modern history, is over. Today, it's finally, FINALLY happening! A day to remember!

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