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Jurassic World filming at the Honolulu Zoo
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 28 March 2014 at 10:37AM - 8 Comments

According to the Hawaii Film & Video Magazine, Jurassic World's first filming location will be the Honolulu Zoo. While the article states how tight-lipped the production is, it does go into minor details about the new park we'll be seeing, as well as stating that the film will shoot exteriors in San Diego, CA.


In Twitter news, Colin Trevorrow confirmed Jake Johnson's involvement with the film, Frank Marshall denied Katy Perry's involvement with Indiana Jones 5, and Ty Simpkins confirmed his character name is 'Gray'.

Stay tuned for more news on Jurassic World! Thanks to Oviraptor for the find.

Source: Hawaii Film & Video Magazine

13/11/15 04:41PM
I love you so much fun and addicting

13/11/15 04:41PM
I love you so much fun and addicting

13/11/15 04:41PM
I love you so much fun and addicting

29/03/14 08:06PM
I can see how Spinosaurus could appear in this film. Many fans believe that InGen initially thought they recreated Baryonyx instead of spino, so if that's the case, they most certainly would have cloned more than one. Besides,

28/03/14 03:17PM
At myztii, isla nublar is the island from first movie, isla sorna is from second and third. I doubt spino would make an appearance I think they killed that one lone spino, or it died off due to henry wu genetic structure of the animals where they need lysine. And I don't think Patel\ingen is dumb to make another one of those " monsters"

28/03/14 01:40PM
Right, Isla Nublar was the island from the first movie. And InGen is probably not even around anymore since it's 22 years later and in TLW they had filed for Chapter 11. I'm guessing we won't see a lot from earlier movies aside from some verbal references and Henry Wu.

Bastion Monk
28/03/14 01:20PM
@Myztii The island of JP3 is Isla Sorna.

I wonder where San Diego would fit into the story. Would it still have InGen's harbour?

28/03/14 12:36PM
Isla Nublar?? So this means it WILL have ties to the second island (ref. JP3) SO COOL!! I wonder if good ole Spino is gonna make another appearance? :D

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