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New Oahu, Hawaii Set Construction Pictures!
Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Saturday 22 February 2014 at 07:26AM - 1 Comments

After so many years it is hard to believe a fourth Jurassic Park film is actually happening, but rest assured, Jurassic World is releasing in 2015! Check out these fresh set pictures from Oahu, Hawaii!

Image Image Image Image

Click to enlarge. All images are owned by Bruno.nl

This appears to be the same set we got pictures from a few days ago, only more developed. Be sure to check out the source, Bruno.nl for even more pictures, and as always stay tuned for the latest from Jurassic World!

Source: Bruno.nl

23/02/14 04:20AM
I think it looks like a research station. Just think - it's probably aloft so that people can be out of the reach of dinosaurs. Perhaps the plot of the movie involves some people going to the island to see what has survived Nublar since the incident. I can also see how this set could play a part in the "new park" plot - maybe a viewing platform for tourists to view the dinosaurs.

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