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First look at Jurassic World set construction!
Posted by Jack DLM - Thursday 13 February 2014 at 10:30AM - 9 Comments

OnLocationVacations.com is reporting that set construction has begun in Hawaii for the upcoming Jurassic World and have posted some pictures of the set being built that they received via a tipster.

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The set is being built on the Kualoa Ranch where the original film was shot back in 1993. According to the website, the set can be seen from Pali Lookout, near Chinaman’s Hat and the fishpond. Apparently the tipset also spotted directional signs posted at the construction entrance that say 'EBB'.

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'Ebb Tide' is the production name for Jurassic Park 4, and the film is set to film on Hawaii in April of this year and then move to Louisiana on June 2nd.

We also have some apparent set construction pictures from New Orleans - the first was posted a week ago on Instagram by the user Gerald Callahan, a set builder who claims to have arrived in New Orleans to work on #JurrasicPark. Take this currently as a rumour, but it looks like Jurassic World will be making use of the abandoned Six Flags amusement park in New Orleans. The user posted another photograph of set construction happening at the park.

We've not heard anything other than this about Jurassic World using the abandoned Six Flags park, but we know that the movie is filming in New Orleans so it's possible that this is true.

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UPDATE: JPLegacy forum user SpielbergFan found a PDF containing the minutes from a meeting that the Industrial Development Board of the City of New Orleans had April 9th, 2013, which confirms that Jurassic World will be filming at the abandoned Six Flags park in New Orleans.

"Ms. Martin received and responded to several calls for use of the Six Flags site including Ebb Tide (Universal Studios), Reed Street Productions and Operations Black Sheep - two denials were sent out, the Ebb Tide request is pending"

The PDF can be found here. So it looks like set construction really has begun in New Orleans for the film and the abandoned Six Flags amusement park will be used. Here are some photos:

Image  Image  Image  Image

UPDATE [19/02/2014]: A new image of the set construction in Hawaii has surfaced. This one shows a bit more detail as to what's being built - which looks a bit like an auditorium of sorts. There's also a second new image, this time from Instagram, which shows construction of something in a different area in Hawaii.

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What do you think is being built? Let us know in the comments!

Source: OnLocationVacations

09/11/15 09:18AM
i saw all jurassic park franchise

03/07/14 07:32AM
Six Flags was a big part of my childhood growing up in Louisiana; going every weekend and on every off-day of school. While it was very sad when that tradition died in 2005, it is extremely exciting to see a sequel of the first film I saw come to life in a place so close to home. I can't wait to be shocked, horrified and in love as much as I was with the first Jurassic Park.

27/04/14 07:20PM
Seriously, are these real?! If so, there are amazing!

25/02/14 04:04PM
Hey gang! Glad to see everyone is excited! The wooden structure at six flags kind of resembled the visitor center. It looked like that smooth rounded front face of the visitor center, but if they are building it there then that could mean that the idea of a new, functioning full park is true. This is just a little theory, but think about it: why not just go back and build a rundown version of the visitor center where the first one stood, and call it a day? It would work, unless you're building a vast fully functioning park.

13/02/14 05:33PM
Trying not to poop myself with excitement!

Boris Kopp
13/02/14 04:55PM
Nice pictures. It looks like they were building a new perimeter fence line or a paddock. Anyway, I'm beyond excited and so relieved that shooting will finally begin soon.

13/02/14 02:58PM
Looks like the front of some sort of a bungalow building. Of course it is an early stage of construction so we might see this transform more along the way.

Jurassic Guy.
13/02/14 01:49PM
I am excited for this. Having seen all the other movies in theaters, you can believe opening night I will be there.

13/02/14 12:55PM
That is so awesome. It is so reassuring to see pictures like that. After more than a decade in development hell things are HAPPENING with this film! And what a tribute to continuity that the filming and set is happening in the exact same place as JP. Thank you and keep it up to all those involved in this movie! I am so hyped!

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