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Producer Patrick Crowley Confirms Hawaii
Posted by Jack DLM - Saturday 08 February 2014 at 04:59PM - 0 Comments

ImageProducer Patrick Crowley (The Bourne Franchise) recently spoke to Mike Gordon of the Honolulu Pulse about Jurassic World's upcoming filming in Hawaii. He has confirmed that the film will shoot in Oahu and Kauai for about six weeks, before moving to New Orleans where the rest of the film will be shot.

According to Crowley, Hawaii was the only real location considered and even thought the State of Hawaii have increased tax refunds for film and TV productions, it was "another type of green that appealed to everyone".

“It has the best jungle in the world,” he said. “A little bit of green goes a long way. There is fabulous jungle there. And it’s relatively accessible. You need to go to the Amazon to get what you need.”

He also confirmed that Amblin Entertainment will be back producing, as well as Legendary Pictures (with Thomas Tull co-producing) and Universal Pictures. Patrick Crowley also confirmed that Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) and Bryce Dallas Howard (The Help) are leading the film.

But the location is not just beneficial to the franchise and the film-makers, Walea Constantinau, the commissioner of the Honolulu Film Office, confirmed their excitement for the franchise to return.

“We have had a love affair with this franchise for a long time, we have a very good reputation of being a great production area for jungles and this particular franchise has had very positive experiences.”

Patrick Crowley is producing alongside Frank Marshall, who are both newcomers to the franchise. Steven Spielberg is serving as executive producer, with Colin Trevorrow directing. Stay tuned for more news as it comes in!

Source: Honolulu Pulse

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