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Jurassic World Filming on Oahu and Kauai
Posted by Jack DLM - Wednesday 05 February 2014 at 06:52PM - 0 Comments

ImageHonolulu based newspaper MidWeek is reporting that Jurassic Park 4 is set to film on both Oahu and Kauai. The article states:

"Pre-production is under way for Jurassic Park 4, scheduled to begin filming on Oahu for four weeks in April, followed by two weeks on Kauai…"

Rumours have been circulating that a production office has been setup in Oahu, so this adds legitimacy to that. Jurassic Park filmed on both Oahu and Kauai back in 1992 - with the famous Gallimimus scene being filmed on Oahu, the site pictured on the right.

It's great to see things are moving forward with the pre-production. After six weeks in Hawaii the production team will move to Louisiana for the sound stage and interior work.

Stay tuned for more information as it comes in!

Source: MidWeek

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