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First official images from the set of Jurassic World!
Posted by Jack DLM - Wednesday 23 April 2014 at 07:11PM - 2 Comments

As Frank Marshall teased, we now have our first official look at the set of Jurassic World in Hawaii, via Entertainment Weekly. The website has posted a photograph of Bryce Dallas Howard in character, as well as a battered construction vehicle, and a new logo printed on the back of a director's chair.

Image Image Image

To summarise some of what we're seeing here, it looks like the cameras have been designed especially for the film, with some JP related artwork on it! And Bryce Dallas Howard, looking great, seems to be standing in a control room of some sort, which appears to be overlooking something. You can see a control panel in front of her, and a load of screens on the wall - which have tracking dots on them for visual effects.

The second image shows us a construction vehicle which has some damage, hinting that the dinosaurs might break out or even have just attacked a vehicle that was too close for comfort. The vehicle appears to be an early 1990's Chevy. The third image shows us a director's chair overlooking the beautiful Hawaiin landscape, with a new Jurassic World logo printed on the back.

The images are incredibly exciting for those who have been anticipating this movie for the past 12 years, and of course for those purely excited for the sequel!

Source: EntertainmentWeekly

Trevorrow Talks Jurassic World Sequels and More
Posted by Sandy - Wednesday 23 April 2014 at 03:45PM - 0 Comments


Empire Magazine got a chance to speak with Colin Trevorrow about Jurassic World. Trevorrow has stated that Universal has spoken a lot about sequels and that he would return if Universal would want him. 

"We wanted to create something that would be a little bit less arbitrary and episodic, and something that could potentially arc into a series that would feel like a complete story"

In addition, he also talked a little about characters, namely Omar Sy and his relation to Chris Pratt's character and possibly having them in future sequels. 

"They work together and have some pretty cool action scenes together. I wanted to create a relationship there that could be memorable and potentially carry on to future films."

Finally, Trevorrow spoke about the story of Jurassic World without giving away any spoilers or key details. He says the film is about co-dominance between two alpha species and goes on to say, 

"so now we’ve brought back another that happened to be the alpha species during its time, and we have to co-exist, so what is that relationship."

One thing that many fans will be pleased about is the fact that Trevorrow confirmed that animatronics will still be used, putting months of speculating to rest. 

With some more possible Jurassic World news coming from Frank Marshall and more info from Empire Magazine's June issue coming tomorrow, fans can expect some more in terms of news. 

Source: Empire

Help fund Phil Tippett's Mad God 2!
Posted by Jack DLM - Thursday 17 April 2014 at 11:03AM - 0 Comments

ImageYou may remember a few months ago I got the chance to interview Hollywood legend Phil Tippett, who has worked on such film franchises as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and our favourite, Jurassic Park. Phil is now working on the upcoming Jurassic World and is also working on part 2 of his own independent stop-motion project, Mad God.

"In 2012, after sitting on the shelf for 20 years, artists at Tippett Studio implored Phil to revive MAD GOD. The crew was entirely made up entirely of volunteers, including artists from Tippett Studio, students from local art schools, and industry veterans who remember the "good ol' days" when effects were made by people on sets photographing puppets one frame at a time."

The project is looking for funding to help finish part 2, with Phil Tippett and the team at Tippett Studios taking to Kickstarter to help raise the funds. The project has some fantastic gifts for the various pledge amounts, ranging from an autographed copy of the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack, all the way to 2 tickets to the world premiere screening of Mad God: Part 2 in California, with a tour of Tippett Studios.

Phil was one of the main reasons the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park ended up so realistic, and now it's your chance to help fund a personal project of his. Check out the Kickstarter page and watch the video to learn more about the unique project!

First day of filming goes well, Irrfan Khan pictured on set!
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 11 April 2014 at 02:49PM - 1 Comments

Thursday 10th April marked the first day of filming on Jurassic World, with the film crew, cast and numerous extras ready and waiting at the Honolulu Zoo. To celebrate the occassion, producer Frank Marshall tweeted the following:


While security was tight at the filming, with an extra claiming that "they put a security sticker on all the cellphones so that we can't take pictures". It seems the production team are going to great lengths to keep information about the film secret (and rightly so) but the DailyMail have published some exclusive photographs of Irrfan Khan on set, and what appears to be possible tour buggies. They also spotted a tube with an 'electric fence' sticker on it.

Irrfan Khan  Tour Vehicles?  Image

With massive thanks to our friends at Reel Tours Hawaii, we can also share these images from the set taken by a passing visitor, which show some extras working on the film. If you look closely in the second image you can see a blue banner sporting a Jurassic World logo.

Zoo  Zoo  Zoo

Our final bit of news for you today is from the IndiaTimes, who claim that there was a slight hiccup on day 1 of filming for Irrfan Khan, with security guards having to break into his hotel room.

"The actor, who is currently in Hawaii to shoot for the Hollywood film Jurassic World, was so jet-lagged by the 27-hour flight that he slept well past the wake-up call the morning after he reached there. Though he was supposed to go for a routine check-up at 7 am for medical insurance etc, he overslept, oblivious to the attempts to contact him."

The actor himself, said:

"The security guards eventually broke into my room, only to find me asleep. I wonder if they felt I had committed suicide,"

However, this didn't seem to disrupt the filming schedule much, as Frank Marshall reported above, "all is good" on Jurassic World. Yesterday was a historic day for Jurassic Park fans and we can now only get excited for the next bit of news.

Source: DailyMail, IndiaTimes

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