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'Bring Back the Phantom Harbour!' Jurassic Park key artist & puppeteer Shannon Shea launches new Kickstarter campaign!
Posted by Jack DLM - Tuesday 17 November 2015 at 03:39PM - 0 Comments

An active member in the online community and a supporter of Jurassic June, key artist and puppeteer for the original Jurassic Park film has launched his own Kickstarter campaign for his web series, 'Phantom Harbour'.

As stated on the Kickstarter campaign page, "Phantom Harbor centers on the exploits of haunted sea-Captain, Jonas McAllister and his fantastical crew including a hulking Goblin, the shrunken-head of a tyrannical Naval officer, a dancing corpse and more!

In the spirit of Pee-Wee's Playhouse and Mystery Science Theater 3000, Phantom Harbor is a variety show that presents a through-story punctuated with features including spooky animated readings, fan stories and art, and animated music videos.

You can view his highly-detailed Kickstarter campaign video below:

There are plently of unique and interesting rewards including original signed art prints, t-shirts, a signed book, the entire Making Monsters DVD collection, all the way to actually puppeteering or acting as a creature on one of the webisodes!

So if you were a fan of the original web series, or just want to support a talented artist and puppeteer, then do check out the Kickstarter campaign page which has a wealth of information and a large number of varied pledges and rewards.

Shannon was also kind enough to share these exclusive photos with us, showing a behind the scenes look at the original Jurassic Park dinosaurs!

Image Image Image

Be sure you're following Shannon on Twitter and find us on Twitter here and Facebook here!

LEGO builders create 'Jurassic Collab' set displaying scenes from all four films!
Posted by RyanJPShu - Tuesday 17 November 2015 at 01:51AM - 1 Comments

We've seen many fantastic 'Jurassic' LEGO sets built this year that have made us go, "Ooohh and Awwww" - but now friends and LEGO builders Paul Trach and Markus Aspacher appear to have created something that will drive kids out of their minds! The two recently built a collaborative 'Jurassic' LEGO set that depicts every film in the franchise and displayed it at the Bricking Bavaria Munich convention where they took home the 'Best in Show' award!


Marcus and Paul began planning the Jurassic LEGO set over a year ago and coordinated their efforts from over 372 miles (600km) away from each other. Marcus took on the Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3 sets, while Paul built The Lost World and Jurassic World sets.

“We have been thinking about that project for more than a year, but started building it only three months ago. Our aim was to build an impressive and popular display to represent our LUG [Imperium der Steine] at the “Bricking Bavaria” exhibition. The upcoming JW movie seemed legit, because as everybody knows, kids love dinosaurs.” -Paul Trach

Each set fits together cohesively to create one beautifully designed LEGO homage that will make every Jurassic fan envious. 

Image Image Image ImageImage Image Image Image


You will notice that the first set on the left begins with the original Jurassic Park gate, allowing the viewer to move through each park/movie that eventually ends with the Jurassic World gate - a signature from start to finish. The collaboration is a huge success for these two, given their distance and the technicality of the project and the 'Best in Show' award couldn't have gone to a cooler project. 

What do you think of Marcus and Paul's 'Jurassic Collab' and which set is your favorite?! Tell us in the comments section below and keep it right here for all of the best 'Jurassic' news and updates!

Source: Brothers-Brick

Universal Pictures campaigning for Jurassic World at the 88th Academy Awards!
Posted by Jack DLM - Monday 16 November 2015 at 10:37PM - 2 Comments

ImageUniversal Pictures have begun a campaign with the intentions to bring Jurassic World to the 88th Annual Academy Awards!

JPLegacy first reported the story with a photo of a screener copy of the film with a list of potential nominees on the inside case. Click the image on the right to enlarge it!

The movie has broken multiple records and has had a surprisingly successful run for the fourth film in a franchise that had been extinct for 14 years. It is even on track to become the year's best-selling Home Entertainment release!

On top of that, Jurassic World has also fared well with critics, reaching a solid 71% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 80% audience vote. It's fair to say the movie was a success, which explains Universal's decision to push for an Oscar run.

While it's uncertain that it will be nominated, it certainly is refreshing to see our favourite franchise be considered for this and I do hope it at least is nominated for something, perhaps the moving score by Michael Giacchino, or the production design by Ed Verreaux.

You can find a little bit of more information here at Universal's official website.

What do you think Jurassic World should be nominated for, if anything? Let us know in the comments section below!

Thanks to DinoReviews101 at JPLegacy for the source, great find!

The Advertising for Jurassic World 2 has begun!
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 13 November 2015 at 12:51AM - 11 Comments

ImageThe first advertisement for the sequel to Jurassic World has shown up in a small magazine. At this moment in time we are unsure what the magazine is and where the photo was taken, but it looks as though it is at a convention that is happening at this very moment in time.

The advert shows an original Jurassic World poster with the text Jurassic World 2 Coming Summer 2018 added below. Click the image on the right to see the full advert!

At this point in time we aren't sure exactly where this advert originated, but we know that it is definitely from a convention. There was a Brand Licensing Europe expo in October and Universal Pictures have booth E45 at the EXPOCAD that is happening right now.

It's worth noting that at the bottom of the poster in the magazine, it says "Visit Us At Booth E090".

Credit to DinoReviews101 at JPLegacy for the find, and James Ashworth for the original post.

What are you hoping to see in the sequel to Jurassic World? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned for more info.

UPDATE: As suspected, the advertisement came from Brand Licensing Europe. You can see the full advert by clicking the image below!


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